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Oklahoma City and Houston: Too Boring?

Oklahoma City and Houston: Too Boring?

I have two trips coming up in October. The first is a trip to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Chris and I are headed there for a weekend away, and to explore the Ninety-Nines Museum. In the middle of October I will traveling alone to Houston, Texas to visit my sister where we will be adventuring in the past at a Renaissance Festival, touring Space Center Houston, and doing some serious cooking and eating of delicious food.

Sometimes I become bothered by the way people find some destinations too dull to pull their attention, and therefore not worthy of traveling to. But in my mind that is a clear indication that they’re not trying hard enough to really see the world, and experience different things. Europe or bust? Or EVERYWHERE or bust? There are interesting things to do almost anywhere you look. From beautiful fields, to a bookstore you’ve never explored before, to a coffeehouse with unusual blends, there is something interesting out there.

How do you find those interesting things?

  1. Do your research!

Seriously, go online and look up the town or city. Find the “Top Ten Things to Do” in any location. From museums, to parks, to walking tours almost every town has a list of things that tourists and locals alike have found interesting.

If you have more specific interests in mind specifically look for those. My husband and I are vegetarian, and we recently traveled to Colorado Springs for a weekend away, so I decided to look up what vegetarian-only restaurants may be in the area (something we don’t have near us in our part of Kansas), and discovered a wonderful Vegan Grill, Santana’s Vegan Grill. It didn’t look like much when we pulled up but it was worth every penny and bite.

2. Get lost.

Sometimes when you are lost you can find the most interesting things. Trust me on this. My Mom and I both spend a great deal of time getting lost when we travel, even with the convenience of GPS. This can lead to finding odd museums or fun boutiques.

3. If it piques your interest at all just DO IT.

I can’t stress this enough! If it seems like something you normally wouldn’t go see, or normally would find boring but for some reason your’re curious about experiencing it, just go do it! You may be pleasantly surprised.

On my honeymoon (I know I talk about it a lot, and, no, Chris and I are not newlyweds, so it wasn’t even that recent), Chris took me to an Air Museum on our drive from LA to Solvang. I’m a museum person, not necessarily an Air Museum person, but still it sounded interesting. It ended up being one of our favorite stops of the whole trip.

4. Lastly, keep an open mind.

This is very important, and something that I am continuing to learn. I used to live in Denver, Colorado, and have since moved to a small town in the middle-of-basically-nowhere, Kansas and at first living here stressed me out, and I felt constant boredom. But Chris and I have definitely refined our researching, and exploring skills and we are constantly finding new things to do and new places to explore. But it’s important that we keep an open mind as we do it. Where we go may not necessarily be what we expect, but it’s also not something we will find anywhere else and that in itself can be a grand adventure. Seeing something that’s specific to the area is fun and important for knowing the place you live and the place you travel, to really experience the place as it is, and not what you expect it to be.

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